Combining "Brand Buzz" with Content

Oct 24, 2013

I recently had the distinct privilege to be a part of a moment that delivered on a promise decades in the making; a moment where dreams became reality for hundreds of thousands of fans; a moment where speculation and buzz paid off with an announcement that "it" was finally going to happen.

These moments rarely come along for marketers or business owners, and they are to be cherished. Like a NASCAR Driver winning a race after an 80 race drought or a quarterback winning a super bowl for the first (or maybe the last) time, nothing is more fleeting and defines your career more than these moments.

For a marketer, the objective is to not let these moments pass by without combining it with deeper content or stories that your audience desires and will share with others.

Supply and demand is a theory explaining the interaction between the supply of a resource and the demand for that resource, and it applies here. The law describes the interaction between and effect of the availability of a particular product and the desire for that product. Plainly put, when opportunity hits (and it so rarely does), the business owner, marketer or quarterback must be there to meet it with a content piece or an accurate pass to capitalize on it. If not, it is an opportunity lost.

Apple does a wonderful job at this with its Product Launch Events. Each one is accentuated by an amazing build up and consumer anticipation. It then delivers a compelling and dramatic launch presentation to complete the buzz. To top it all off, Apple drops amazingly crafted product videos on its audience which gives fans what they desire -- something to consume and share.

That is the key. They meet the buzz, anticipation and drama with dazzling yet relevant content. Those product spots, most recently of the iPhone 5S and 5C, are dripping with glamour video with someone, usually design genius Johnny Ive, describing the product in a way that makes it seem as if the product could cure a disease.

This formula is so famous that it is now attempted by every single technology company who has a pulse.

Formula (if done right):

  1. Build buzz and anticipation through marketing efforts
  2. Pay it off with a dramatic, frenzy-inducing event
  3. Feed the evangelists powerful content to spread
  4. Product flies off the shelves

Your audience not only demands the product, they demand the content that goes along with it. It's a powerful and proven cycle.

At our recent event, we saw the success of this method live and in color.

Was their buzz prior to? Yes, and it was off the charts.

Did we build a dramatic "reveal" presentation? You betcha.

And finally, did we deliver a piece of content that was consumable and shareable? No doubt about it.

And thus far, we've had great early sales of our product.

The video has garnered just over 100,000 views in a little over 72 hours. Is it a Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake video as far as views? No. But it is spreading like wildfire through our targeted audience and media channels. That is what matters. Not so much that it goes viral across the globe, but that it becomes viral with the folks we desired to hit.

Another recent example of this type of opportunistic marketing was the work done by the folks at Warner Bros. during the launch of the Batman movies, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

First part of the equation was the buzz. When each project was made official, the movie studio released an ominous teaser that featured nothing but chants and sounds. Fans, like me, gobbled up every bit of it.

The studio continued to provide content, such as this trailer, that gave their target audience what they desired, something to consume and share.

These trailers were watched hundreds of thousands of times because they gave an audience something when the buzz hit a tipping point of demand. Imagine if that demand went unfulfilled. The movies would not be as successful as they are today.

Magic happens when you combine buzz about your product or brand with content for your fans to consume. Remember this next time your company gains buzz. Don't miss the chance to match that buzz with powerful, shareable content.