6 Tools to Make Your Content Stand Out Online

Jul 24, 2014


Content is something we pour ourselves into.

We research. We interview. We go through hours of experimentation and examination to make sure the content we share will be of value to the audience we are writing (or creating) for.

When that content is finished, and ready for the world to see, we want to put our best foot forward. We not only want to present it in a way that we are happy with but we need to present it in a way that ensures the most amount of attention is paid to it.

There are many different tools to make sure your content gets its due, but today we will focus on six.

My content journey, like many, has been marred with the mistakes of poorly timed social posts, subject lines that just didn't hit, or ledes that just did not keep the reader interested. Sometimes we forget to include a key hashtag or the handle of an influencer and the tweet, post, picture, or video is gone forever.

Fooey. Another missed opportunity.

Some of those mistakes can only be remedied by time and experience, but some mistakes can be remedied (or avoided) through tools which can make us smarter and get our nurtured content into the right hands.

The tools below are the ones that keep me in line and get my content, either personally written/created or curated, out there with the right presentation and timing.

I will break these six tools into three categories as I believe these are the main categories which bring success.

Visual Aids

Canva.com -I've said it before, but so has every social media or content creating pundit: Your posts must have images attached.  I repeat, must have images. Content posts with images are 90-120% more likely to be clicked on than posts without images. This is why you need a tool like Canva--a sort of Photoshop for amateurs (like myself). With hundreds of pre-made designs and eye-catching fonts, Canva is becoming a top site to get an image that sells (and get it fast). Try it today, you'll be amazed.

Fotor.com-Another excellent image generator with collage makers, HDR image generators, and social design templates, Fotor is another simple tool where you can get quality images fast.

Honorable Mention: Studio Design App for iOS. Try it, you'll thank me later


Bufferapp.com--A lot of people are loyal to Hootsuite and other tools such as SproutSocial, but give me Buffer every day of the week and twice on Sunday. With its now built-in content generator, if you are lacking original content and need to keep your audience interested, this is the tool for you. Upon your first use, it employs an algorithm to time your posts correctly for the time of day people are most likely to see them or click on them. This applies to all of the social channels accordingly. Probably my most used tool throughout a week.

Tweetdeck--Again, I know there are people loyal to other power players in the social monitoring and posting space but I still love me some Tweetdeck. There is something to be said for trusting a product. I feel Tweetdeck and I have grown up together, and I am still loyal to it. I love the real time aggregators and ease in adding a new search column. And when it comes down to posting it is simple and easy to post across platforms and to schedule posts.


Hashtag.org--This is a great tool for examining either an area of interest or to examine trending topics-all based on hashtags, of course. Twitter's proprietary tool is also extremely valuable but for quick research on what hashtag to use to get my content in front of the largest audiences. Hashtag.org is a solid tool.

Google Trends--Simply put, if you want to know what's hot in the world, go to Google trends. When you can link hot global trends to your finely worded piece, your views will take off.

In closing, to ensure that your written word or edited video makes it in front of the world, use the proper tools to aid in that success. There is no shame in getting help, only shame in not having the courage to do so. Make that image. Research those tags and use automators. Do it and see your content influence spread.