4 Reasons Why Podcasting is a Cross-Channel Content Powerhouse

Dec 23, 2014

Podcasting is all the rage right now. And no, not because Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Clark, and Pat Flynn are doing it (and have been doing it) it's because of one simple reason: Podcasting is a cross-channel content powerhouse.

Podcasting, for the neophytes out there, is a program (as in music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the internet. Thank you Webster's.

The reason the word "Pod" got in there was due to the early success of this style of broadcasting on Apple's iPod, where "Podcasts" were digitally distributed on the iTunes platform. In its modern form, podcasting is generally a "talk-show," with audio being the most popular format.

Why is it a powerhouse? Because it's a content creator's dream.

With pundits and experts dubbing today as the content era, thousands are flocking to the platform for several reasons. Let's examine the "why" behind this phenomenon:

Podcasting Goes Deep

For content creators and all who create podcasts, podcasting is a barrier-less medium with no bottom. You can learn about virtually anything and anyone on podcasts because they have no format. You want to do a one hour podcast on how butterflies mate, go for it. There is an audience for just about every subject. And one thing proven in marketing today is the deeper you go on a subject, the more value you create for your audience. This value turns into trust and ultimately sales.

The key? Storytelling. Podcasting is a format where stories can be told. With no limitations on your language or intellect, it brings the campfire to anywhere in the world.

Podcasting is Personal

Anything on your mobile device is personal to you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your banking app, Snapchat, your photos....they are all with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why? Because they mean something to us. We want to have these apps close because they fulfill a certain need in our lives.

Podcasting is a native app that's been showing up on our iPhone (and now Android) devices for years. Just in the past 24 months though, this platform has taken back off. Why you ask? Because mobile phones are everything in 2014-2015, and more importantly, the content we consume is very personal to us.

I can honestly say, the podcasts I consume are from my favorite teachers, authors, bloggers, comedians, and thought leaders. These people mean something to me because they add value to my life (and most of the time, make me smarter). And therein lies the value. These people give freely of their time and information; therefore, I give them my attention and trust.

Podcasting is a Cross-Channel Rockstar

I started the article with this and let me explain. The genius of podcasting for content creators is once it's created, it is simple (relatively) to make that podcast work for you!

It can immediately (after posting to powerful distribution networks like iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud) take shape into a blog post with show notes and action steps, several social posts, an email blast, a video on YouTube, a PDF lead magnet, and more.

Not many content pieces work as hard for you as a podcast. Try to name one content piece that you do that can cross pollinate like this. A blog post? Maybe, but outside of the web page and a social post, how far can it reach? You will hard pressed to find a harder working piece of content out there. Go ahead, give it a try.

Podcasting Creates Relationship

Connections are currency. Recently, I heard a podcast with Copyblogger CEO Brian Clark (on his Rainmaker.FM Podcast) talking with David Siteman Garland, an internet entrepreneur. Brian talked about the key to his business growth and educational growth was him interviewing hundreds of people during his podcasting days.

Use this one example. Start a podcast and start reaching out to your wish list of guests. Send them well prepared notes and welcome them. Then thank them warmly for coming on your show. Once the show is finished, thank them once again, produce the show, and then guess what? Who is the first person you share it with once it's done? The guest who joined you.

What happens next? Well, if you were smart, you booked someone you not only want to invest in a relationship with, but hopefully they have a POWERFUL network of influence where they can hopefully share the podcast.

The possibilities are endless. Relationships will form, realms of influence will spread, and you will grow your network of personal connections.

In closing, podcasting is something I am extremely bullish on because of the four reasons above. Also because it's a powerful, value-based, education-spreading content format. But more importantly, it has the power to change lives, one story at a time.

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