3 Excellent Resources to Help Content Creators Create

Jan 30, 2014


Very few people in this world are born writers. Most, like me, have to work at it. We have to work at the craft. We have to struggle through days and nights of writer's block and the inevitable despair that comes with that circumstance. We have to struggle through the impending deadline, the interview that just will not happen, and the constant distraction of everyday life.

But there is a solution for content creators.


Even when you can't write, write.

Great content creators around the world can only be considered great content creators because (and this one is going to break your limbic system in two) they write. They confront the blank page day after day and match that anxious moment with the written word--possibly man's most romantic and transformative form of communication. It's not easy. It takes work, amazing tools, and the help of a great support structure.

Content creation demands our best because in today's society of overwhelming digital and printed white-noise, the writers that can break through and reach an audience are the ones who see their passion thrive.

As I stated above, great writing requires the proper support system and a well-stocked toolbox.

The tools of the trade can vary from writer to writer.

Personally, I write in Google Docs because of the clean interface and comfort of knowing all of my work is saved without me having to press a button. Also, you can automatically link things in your stories without much effort and that's a nice feature.

Below, in the "Social Media Today" section, there are three more suggestions for distraction free writing that make this art much more enjoyable.

All great writers need help. They all needed a system and perhaps even a motivator.

Other tools such as research sites, analytics platforms, and a worthy thesauruses make writing content all the easier, but I prefer to leave the rest of the tool finding up to you. That's half the fun: finding the resources and tools that make you the best you can be.

I will however, at this time, share some tremendous blogs and resources that have helped me get words down on paper and keep the dream alive.

Hubspot - I have grown to love this Cambridge, MA based Marketing Automation company that has made a habit of helping the struggling writer to get words down on paper.

Links that have helped me:

Social Media Today - Maybe my top Social Media Blog. Crucial tips and tricks as well as inspiring posts that help writers write.

Links that have helped me:

Copyblogger - One the smarter content/blogging resources on the net, besides EContent of course!

Links that have help me:

Find the resources and the tools that inspire you. One might think this is weird but Google Analytics inspires me. It challenges me to think about ways to solve the daily riddles of business. For example, "what page on my website creates the highest conversions, yet sees less than 5% of the traffic." I suddenly feel like Edward Nigma from Batman. Questions such as those keep me up nights.

Find the resources that inspire you to think and in turn the best work will come out of you.

Find the resources that inspire you to write, to want to tell the world about the proof you have found or the psychological study that has helped you form a more perfect argument.

Very few of us are born writers but, thankfully, writers can be made. Many of the greatest writers and pioneers worked at their craft and ultimately changed the world.