Podcasting as Marketing for Publishers

Jan 17, 2019

Article ImagePodcasting is one of the hottest areas of media today. We listen to podcasts at home (the most popular place podcasts are enjoyed) and we listen to podcasts in the car (the second most popular place podcasts are enjoyed). We listen as we exercise, as we drive to and from work, as we do chores around the house and as we hit the road on vacation. Podcasts have become a fascinating fixture in the media firmament.

As a publisher, no matter what type of content you're creating, you need to have a podcast strategy, which contemplates the creation of podcasts as well as a plan for how to get yourself or key members of your organization or company on the podcasts of others.

Be A Podcast Guest Star

Let's start by discussing other people's podcasts. There's no better bang for the marketing buck than to be on someone else's podcast. Mainly because there is no marketing buck spent to be on someone else's podcast, in the first place.

In addition to spending zero dollars for the exposure, someone else does all the work of editing and producing the audio, and coming up with the structure of the show and even the interview questions, while all you do is show up two minutes beforehand, answer questions, and then leave to immediately go on about your day. You get access to an entire new audience, without having to do much other than evangelize your message, your content, and your company.

Creating Your Own Podcast

But what about creating your own podcast? Is that worth it?

Yes, if you can be consistent with it.

The same dynamics explained above—about how valuable it is to be on other people's podcasts—now puts you in the driver's seat in a number of interesting ways (but only if you have a compelling, consistent, value-added podcast).

First of all, you'll have companies approaching you and your company to be on your podcast. Do you want to let them? Is there something in it for you? All of a sudden, you have leverage and you have potential partnerships, coming to you on an inbound basis.

You also get to control the conversation. What is it you want to be talking about? And who do you want joining you? Building an audience and being able to craft messaging, communicated through the very effective medium of podcasts, is uniquely helpful in cultivating long-term customer relationships. People get to hear you in an authentic way that creates a bond.

Lastly, a quality podcast provides you with some opportunity to either reduce expenses or bring in revenue. If it grows large enough, you can get a sponsor, which can bring in incremental revenue. This is so hard to do that you wouldn't want to start out even thinking about it, but some podcasts do get there. A better and more feasible opportunity is to use a podcast as a media vehicle to get media access to events and avoid paying out pocket for them. This happens all the time, as events and conferences want podcasts there for the optics, and you can often get a press or media pass to events you might have previously had to pay for, in exchange for covering the event with your show.

2019 is the perfect time to craft a podcasting strategy for you, your content, and your organization. The key is to realize, up front, that the value is in the marketing benefit, rather than as a revenue generator, and to proceed with pursuing podcast appearances or creating your own show with that perspective top of mind.

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