How HuffPost Live Is Changing the Social Video Model

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Approach With Caution, Content Creators

If you're a large media company, adopting the HPL model and rolling out a slate of live streamed programming for several hours a day is heavy lifting you can probably handle if you plan well. Bloggers and other small-fry content providers, however, may want to admire from a distance.

The HPL formula presents a daunting challenge for smaller content providers because of the diversity and sheer volume of content that needs to be created, says Adam Lasky, global social media coordinator for Spreadshirt, a Leipzig, Germany-headquartered online retailer of custom apparel.

"But one of the thing[s] we can learn from HuffPost Live is its ability to be, in its own words, ‘jumping off points for conversations, commentary, and comedy.' Those qualities give visitors another reason to stay on your site if the content is compelling," Lasky states.

If nothing else, the increased focus on two-way interaction that HPL espouses may force publishers to improve the interactivity of their sites, Somers says.

"Comments at the bottom of an article, as most news sites provide, are not central to the experience in the way that user interaction is central at HuffPostLive," Somers says. "Other content providers would be wise to follow [HPL] in making the user comments, interaction and uploaded and live-streamed video central to the experience instead of peripheral to the story."


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