Announces Blog This

Feb 11, 2005, a provider of breaking news and original journalism on the Internet, introduces Blog This, the latest communication tool designed to help online news consumers share information and ideas with friends and the public. Blog This is designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently write blogs related to specific news stories and communicate their opinions to others.

Blog This functions similarly to existing Email This and Print This features standard on every story. The user selects Blog This either in reference to a specific portion of text or the entire story and is prompted to post his or her commentary. The blog is then published to the user's personal MSN Spaces site. All members of the writer's MSN Messenger list are notified of the new blog via a "gleam" icon on the user's MSN name. The blog site can also be accessed via Web link. Individuals must be a member of MSN Spaces to use the Blog This feature and will be prompted to register if not a current member. MSN Spaces is a free service, currently available in beta version, which is intended to allow consumers to create personal Internet Spaces sites where they can express themselves in a variety of ways and interact with people.