eTeacher Group: A Case of Lost in Translation

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The Outcome
The project began in June 2010, with the sites launching in November. The transition was a smooth one, according to Binnun, who was especially pleased at the short turnaround time. The only challenge that arose on eTeacher’s end was learning how to find the right translators. “We had to understand how to choose a translator, and at first we chose a few whose quality of work was not as good. We chose not to work with them again but were able to find the ones we work with now, and we now know what we are looking for to fill our needs,” he notes.

Speed and efficiency have been the ultimate result of this partnership. Because of Drupal’s capabilities, changes can be made to sites faster and more efficiently than eTeacher’s former process. Thanks to ICanLocalize’s massive pool of translators, content translation can happen quickly and accurately.

According to Binnun, “If we need something translated quickly, we can hire four [or] five translators at a time, with each taking a portion of what needs to be done. [If we] want to build a German site, [t]he translation can happen in 48 hours this way.” The Translator module then links the two almost seamlessly.

“Any other solution would be much more costly in terms of time and money,” Binnun says, “we are very happy with the results.” As eTeacher looks to the future, it hopes to add to the “niche languages” under the Biblical offerings with Ancient Greek and Yiddish, in addition to other, more common staple languages—all with the help of Drupal and ICanLocalize.

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