Making Over Media: Combining the Best of Old and New Media

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Fill Your Dance Card

When it comes to ink on paper, one size typically fits all. The same isn't true for the digital publisher, who must think specifically about how many different ways users want to access media content across a range of platforms and gadgets, according to Adobe product marketing manager Dave Dickson.

"Media publishers are vigorously adapting content and business models to a new digital paradigm," Dickson says. "With the advent of new form factors like tablet devices, publishers see an opportunity to monetize their publications in ways that attract new readers and advertisers."

Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite is used by a range of media outlets, including old favorites such as Condé Nast and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, to tailor a variety of richly designed and interactive magazine content to a number of digital devices and delivery channels.

Preserving editorial integrity and innovation are paramount to the Condé Nast brand, and Adobe provides the tools for magazine staff to  supplement print stories with a comprehensive digital package, including panoramic photo galleries, real-time Twitter updates, and how-to slide shows.

With new functionality comes new ways to connect with users and build an engaging experience around traditional content formats that don't just cater to audiences but actually build them, Dickson says. In some ways, the publishing tools try to preserve some of the best elements of traditional media by creating an authoring workflow, allowing publishers to reproduce rich print layouts and giving tablet users an intuitive navigation to help guide them through an immersive reading experience.

Adding in web elements opens up a variety of new distribution channels, Dickson says, challenging content authors to find ways to streamline the publishing workflow in order to customize the content for several different types of devices without extra steps.

"Essentially, they need to be able to author once and output to multiple form factors," Dickson says.

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