Our Energy Policy: A Case of Energy-Efficient Collaboration with SharedBook

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The Outcome
Our Energy Policy has worked together with SharedBook, using SharedDoc as a platform for more cohesive and relevant discussions about energy policymaking, and has gotten plenty of positive feedback.
"We already have a tremendous number of prominent and highly regarded people in the energy sector who were involved in the dialogue," says Squadron. "And what really attracted them was the ability to use the Internet to truly enhance the policymaking process in a way that was organized, serious, and substantive."

For example, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, such as Reps. Roscoe Bartlett and José E. Serrano, "embraced the technology as a way of promoting democracy and open government, as well as generating valuable input on substantive issues," says Squadron. "Their involvement helped demonstrate the value that OurEnergyPolicy.org can bring to effective policymaking."

As Our Energy Policy and SharedBook continue to work together, they seem to have nothing but answers to all of their obstacles.

"As new issues arise we're able to find solutions for them and accommodate them, and they in turn have helped us really expand our services as well," says Vanderlip. For example, Our Energy Policy's need to have additional documents made available to the already existing group of experts prompted SharedBook to build that capability into its system.

Of the partnership, Squadron says, "It has worked terrifically well by giving us a really coherent and clear dialogue. [It's] one that we can make available widely in any way that we want to."

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