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A Picture of the Future
A picture is worth a thousand words and since that's a lot more than 160 characters, it may be that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and picture messaging will bring mobile phone messaging to the masses. MMS, a sibling to SMS, allows for graphics and other multimedia to be sent between mobile phones.

Certain industries in particular are looking at picture phones and MMS. "Real estate agents, contractors, insurance adjusters, and others who are often on the road and have a need to transmit information and visuals will be important B2B users of MMS," says Larson.

However, today MMS still suffers from the same interoperability issues that SMS did in the early days. Pictures taken with a camera phone on the Verizon network can only be sent to other camera phones on that network, for example. They can, however, be sent from that phone to any email address.

Increased interoperability and growth of SMS are both likely to drive increased usage of MMS. Market penetration of more sophisticated handsets that support graphics is also expected to impact growth. But whether it's text in black and white or images in color, workers will likely soon be tapping TXT ME.

Sidebar: SMS Short-hand
Onerous triple-tapping along with the 160 character size limit of SMS messages make message brevity a must. Abbreviations of words and phrases have created a new SMS lingo—here are some popular examples:

Are r
Are you ru
At work @wrk
Because b/c
Before b4
Call me later cml8r
Consider it done cid
Date d8
Don't know dk
End of day eod
Excellent xlnt
Face to face f2f
Forward fwd
Good gud
Good afternoon gudpm
Good to go g2g
Have a good day hagd
I don't think so idts
I'll be late ilbl8 Into n2
I see ic Later l8r
Leave lve
Lunch lch
Maybe mb
Maybe later mbl8r
Message msg
My two cents .02
New nu
Nice one n1
Okay k
On my way omw
People ppl
Per customer request pcr
Phone fone
Question ?
Quick qik
Rate r8
See you cu
See you later ul8r
Thanks thx
Time tym
To 2
Today 2day
Wait wt
Wait a second sec
Where are you ru?

Excerpted from TXT Message Dictionary, courtesy of Verizon Wireless

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