Managing Content and Cost: Government Agencies Opening Up to Open Source

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An Innovative Future
Experts predict that as open source technology continues to enable such innovation and provide these solutions in a cost-effective manner, use within the government sector will also expand.
"In this current phase, open source is regarded as ‘novel,' even ‘trendy.' As vendors offer more open source options to government users, the adoption will continue to grow," says Weathersby. "As open source becomes more ubiquitous in government systems, the novelty of the term will fade, but the benefits realized through wisely deploying open source solutions will guarantee that it
will continue to grow and evolve to meet IT needs in government and industry IT systems."

Erisman says that DotNetNuke will continue to work to make its solutions even easier for those government users to deploy. He says that the company is currently exploring cloud computing solutions.

In January, Klause joined Siteworx, an interactive agency that helps clients build strong web and mobile presences, where he continues to help further the use of open source technology in the government sector. In his new role as an open source practice manager, Klause says he helps determine if clients (from government to the private sector) can be helped by an open source solution, and how they can build the best solution for their needs. It's that empowerment of the user that will likely keep momentum for open source going.

As a programmer himself, Weis says he appreciates the whole open source movement because it enables the availability and accessibility of creative solutions to solve a variety of content management problems. "Because of that, it really spawns creativity and advancement in technology specific to the web," he says. "That whole approach is what's going to move us forward as far as technology goes. It's no longer a few major players that control the industry and where the market is going, but now we've got outlets where individual creativity and expression can perhaps advance all of us."

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