Search: It's More Than Finding; It's Doing

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Personalization, Mobility Influencing the Future
Knovel is starting to track user activity within the enterprise, part of a growing trend to capture user expertise in search. "The No. 1 place people go to solve a problem is the expert down the hall," Forbes observes. Recommind's May 2009 survey validates that view, with 35% of respondents saying that their first step in locating a document is to pick up the phone to call someone.

Presenting relevant user profiles and personas-derived from personalization, user activity tracking, posts on third-party sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and search histories-alongside other enterprise search results is a means of pulling search further into the decision-making workflow. But some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for search in the near future may come from the integration of geospatial data. As Grimes observes, "It seems that more than 50% of mashups involve a Google or Bing map as the ‘join' column." Mark Logic's Kreisa concurs, saying, "The government is leading the way, but companies will continue to come up with ways to use geospatial components to deliver contextual search results, especially to mobile devices." Presenting actionable search results tailored to user context on a mobile device? That's really putting search into action.

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