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Looking Ahead: The Mobile Future of Content

As Blossom put it: The future clearly points to a mobile world and for many people in the world, it will be their only access to the web. "Mobile computing is the bridge to the web for the billions of people around the world who may have never seen or used a computer. Already mobile phones are being readied for production that may cost as little as $15 - disposable phones, in essence," Blossom says. "With price points like that already at hand, a ubiquitous, web-enabled mobile experience is at hand for most of the world." 

Schwartz says that this doesn't mean thfat mobile phones will be the savior for publishers, but it does give them something to strive for as a revenue generator. "I don't think there is any magic product that is going to "save" content providers. In order to survive they have to evolve," he says. Blossom adds, "The most successful mobile apps seem to be those which do the best job of combining content and functionality to a given platform."

The mobile platform is clearly where users are going and content providers have to be there too, and while they can't afford to be overly cautious and wait for the market to sort itself out, neither can they throw resources at mobile willy nilly without some sort of concrete strategy. Mobile might not be the savior of the content business, but it certainly offers a pathway to increasing revenue. Finding that right balance between research and development, experimentation and the proper delivery channels could be the key to success.

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