People-Centric Content Management

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Looking Ahead at ECM
The influence of social media and demand for enterprise-ready collaboration functionality on ECM can't be overstated. "In 3 years, content management will be intensely people-centric," Hoffert predicts. "We'll be looking less at content and more at the person, the group, or the team; content will flow around that."

The continued march of cloud computing adoption will make ECM integration simplicity a customer demand, as corporate data will reside increasingly both inside and outside the firewall. Mobile devices will certainly be a part of that picture as well. True says, "The expectation will be for increased mobility as part of the 24/7 lifestyle of employees. It needs to be easier to share information between business and personal tools." Hoffert adds, "Smartphones are an important part of being social. But they're still weak at interacting with corporate documents."

With noncentralized and mobile use of corporate data comes a requirement for security solutions that can keep pace. Le Clair says, "Records management is a key driver. ECM needs to have organic and transparent compliance" as it develops further. Similarly, expectations for integrated enterprise search will grow, aiding in discovery and search of enterprise content wherever it resides in the ECM infrastructure: on corporate servers, in the cloud, or on a mobile device.

There's no question that the lines between document management, content management, digital asset management, collaboration, and search are blurring and that companies want solutions that embrace all facets. "Document management is no longer an IT sale," says Global 360's Mitchell. "It's become a business sale."

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