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We Media

These days, anyone with a blog can be a reporter. Anyone with a YouTube account can be a news anchor. We Media is a website, conference, community, and social outlook that focuses on the shifting trends in media and how we as a culture create, consume, and come to understand information.

We Media can be broken into four categories. First, the We Media conference, currently in its fifth year, brings leaders in the media industry together to share ideas that are shaping society and its new marketplaces. As a website, provides news and analysis to help anyone create, operate, and sustain ventures in a media-centric culture. The site is published by the seven26group,
a privately held media and information company founded in 2007, and covers important topics in media and the world, such as brands, journalism, culture, and causes. 

The We Media Awards also recognizes innovation within the media field with Game Changers: people, projects, ideas, and organizations that change and inspire a better world through media. As opposed to mainstream media, the Game Changers present an alternative option: media created by the people, for the people. The last—but certainly not least—component of We Media is its community. Not your typical social networking site, We Media focuses on people who work in the media industry, such as executives, entrepreneurs, creators, investors, and community activists, who are seeking a forum to discuss their ideals.

On a grander scale, We Media is a social concept. Founders Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, both ex-journalists, are strong believers in high-quality journalism, and "the power of us," or the strength found when people work toward a common goal. Nachison explains it is imperative for social gain to "create new information and define new practices" in the media industry, adding that doing this will "lead to positive outcomes for our culture." Not only does We Media emphasize the idea that words and communication can change the world, it encourages everyone to join in the new media movement.


Unless you have your own personal travel agent or a personal assistant with little else to do, finding a good travel deal can be a daunting task. Airfare prices fluctuate constantly, making it nearly impossible for travelers to be certain they are getting the best deal possible. Who has time to track flights on a daily basis? Yapta does. Going beyond price comparison, Yapta tracks flight prices and alerts you to changing costs, so you can buy when the price is right. 

Founded 3 years ago, Yapta stands for "Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant." Tom Romary, the CEO of Yapta, saw travelers becoming increasingly agitated with the process of booking travel plans. "Travelers expressed frustration on how difficult traveling and planning has become," says Romary, adding, "With how often prices change, they fear that they are missing out on a better value." To ease traveler’s nerves, Yapta tracks flight prices in order to get them the best deal available. Users can choose their starting and ending destinations, adding preferences such as flight carrier or travel time. Yapta then provides a list of flights that match the user’s preferences, with the option to book a flight immediately or stick it out and wait while Yapta tracks the flight cost. If the price of a flight drops, Yapta alerts the user to the new cost. Users even have the ability to store their preferences for the next time they need to travel.

Yapta charges 100% of the flight fee to the airline, avoiding booking fees and giving users more flexibility if they need to change their itinerary. Yapta also provides an add-on for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox with which users can visit their favorite airline’s website and have their flight choices saved and tracked by Yapta. Even if travelers have already taken the plunge and purchased a ticket, they can enter their confirmation codes on Yapta to track a price change and become eligible for a flight refund. With Yapta, you no longer need a personal assistant to catch your perfect flight, just a computer and good pair of travel shoes to make it to the flight on time.

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