Going Global: Navigating the Complexities of Global Content Delivery

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Content Typecasting

Some companies are going to be delivering web content, while others will be dealing in print or other media. From a technology standpoint, the final output doesn’t matter to a content management system or a translation infrastructure. But DePalma says you do need to pay attention to the types of collateral you produce and the media outlets you use because the best channels depend very much on the country where you are distributing your content.

From the outset, he says, "You need to determine the way people want to interact with a brand in a given market, so you need to look at some basic issues. If it’s print, what’s the distribution of print media in the given market? If you are delivering multimedia online, what is the level of broadband penetration? How many people are going to have a computer with an internet connection to be able to take advantage of it?" He adds that in emerging economies, cellular phones are sometimes the best means of reaching masses of people because it is the first infrastructure to be built in a green field economy.

The road to global content delivery won’t be an easy one. Taking your carefully crafted brand and company messaging and translating it in a way that’s meaningful across different countries, languages, and cultural touch points will be fraught with obstacles. To some extent, technology can help. However, communication is an essentially human function, so it will take human involvement in the process with clear lines of responsibility to ensure that the content is translated and the company messaging remains consistent, regardless of where or how the message is being transmitted. Mistakes can be embarrassing and costly, so it only makes sense to invest in understanding the needs of each international market segment as well as you understand the different market segments within your company’s home country.

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