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Harper Collins Gets Quick ROI With North Plains DAM

Whenyou think about a typical DAM customer, chances are that bookpublishers don’t come quickly to mind. But in a changing industry,Harper Collins, a worldwide publisher of books, found that using theNorth Plains Telescope DAM solution, it could move its publishingbusiness in a new direction and get a very quick return on investment(ROI).

Rick Schwartz, CIO at Harper Collins, says when he came onboard in 2001, the company had a simple asset management solution inplace for author photos and cover art, but he felt that Harper Collinswasn’t using a DAM to its fullest potential. He began to research itfurther. After 9/11 it became an easier sell to the executive committeewhen it became clear that managing digital assets was a bigger prioritythan anyone had previously thought.

He began looking for asolution and ultimately settled on North Plains Software’s Telescopeproduct because he believed it could help manage assets across theenterprise. "We are a global organization and we were looking for adistributed enterprise solution. One of the things that appealed to usfrom a technology standpoint was that we believed North Plains had asuperior enterprise solution in terms of maintenance and distributionof assets." What’s more, the workflow tools enable the company to moveassets through a logical production and distribution cycle and thesoftware routes the assets to the right place, whether that’sultimately the web development team or a printing vendor.

Schwartzsays his company uses DAM to manage assets internally. "It is thevehicle where we capture and store all content as final truths withinour business. The re-users within our organization are encouraged tofind the latest author photo and cover image. If it’s in the system,it’s available for reuse."

Schwartz reports that the implementation went very smoothly. With help from North
Plainsand Accenture, Harper Collins used a rapid deployment model and wasable to meet its goal of a 26-week implementation includinginstallation, setup, and deployment. This included migrating 50,000assets from the older system and adding 150,000 new assets to the newone.

Schwartz says one of the only things that didn’t go so wellwas establishing an effective metadata model. "We blew the metadatamodel out of the gate," he says. "We gave the users carte blanche interms of metadata and ended up with 140 elements in [the] metadatamodel." They have since gone to a three-tier model with basic bookinformation in the first tier, editorial components in the second tier,and localization in the third tier. This has worked much better.

Interms of ROI, Harper Collins is owned by News Corp. and, as such, hadto justify the dollars spent with hard dollar returns. The systemhelped pay for itself in real savings from printer and courier costsalone, according to Schwartz. Harper Collins has been thrilled with theeffectiveness of the digital asset management solution and continues toexpand the types of digital content it uses. Most recently, it addeddigital books on its website and a "Browse Inside" feature that enablesvisitors to read an entire book online.

Using DAM, Harper Collinshas found a way to store rich media assets and distribute themthroughout the organization, simplifying the management of these assetsand lowering costs at the same time.

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