Arity Announces LexiLink

Jan 23, 2007

Arity Corporation, a Semantic Web technologies company working in knowledge management problem solving, has announced LexiLink, which gives life science professionals the ability to build and manage the complex knowledge bases that inform research and development. The Life Sciences rely on lexicons and ontologies to describe, analyze, and drive scientific investigations. LexiLink builds, curates, and manages multiple lexicons and ontologies in one web-based application.

LexiLink manages the provenance of concepts and attributes and provides alerts to specific changes in source lexicons that are relevant to the user. This allows users to absorb changes and new versions directly into their new lexicon. Developed in cooperation with Pfizer, Inc., LexiLink can import many lexicons and ontologies in the biomedical field such as UMLS extracts, MeSH, MedDRA, GO, GOA, and ChEBI. LexiLink can manage vocabularies with millions of entries. Companies can incorporate their existing, proprietary vocabularies as well as create new ones within LexiLink. They can also use LexiLink to export these vocabularies to feed text mining and other applications within the organization. LexiLink ships with extended web service APIs to set the stage for a range of knowledge management applications. LexiLink can be used alone or as a companion product to Arity's @tlas and EXPRESSway investigative research applications.

This tool was designed to let scientists view concepts, similar terms, and detailed information to instantly see relationships and hierarchies. They can annotate entries, view full synonym expansion, and establish links between terms across lexicons. LexiLink generates alerts whenever a linked concept is modified internally or externally (because LexiLink also lets users import lexicon updates without disrupting their customizations). And, LexiLink can automatically fix logic errors in imported data (such as parent relationships to ancestors).