HyperOffice Tests HyperShare; Adds Features

Mar 31, 2006

Users of HyperOffice, Web-hosted software that allows small-business owners, employees, clients, business partners, and suppliers to work together as a team, plan projects, share and edit documents, schedule meetings, and stay connected via email began testing HyperShare for Outlook.

Designed for Outlook users and built into HyperOffice, this tool is designed to keep everything and everyone synchronized--company-wide contacts, calendars, notes and tasks; employees, clients, business partners and suppliers; home, office, and laptop computers; mobile and wireless users with hand-held PDAs, and Web-enabled cell phones.

Also, HyperOffice added several enhancements to existing tools, including: the ability to extend the power of shared calendaring beyond the portal--when you set up a meeting, you can now invite contacts that are not members of your portal. You can set up meetings, check schedules, link relevant documents, and send invitations to any user whether a member of your portal or not; the ability to integrate shared contact management with email; calendar notification--the person setting up a meeting is now notified when attendees respond no or want the meeting rescheduled; and, if the person setting up the meeting cancels the meeting, then all the invitees will get a cancellation notice; search documents; and faster linking--when linking an object, you can now create a link at the same time. All these enhancements are streamed in at no extra cost. HyperOffice users "pay as you grow" around $7 per month, per user.