Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO of Empolis Discusses Content Deliver and Knowledge Models

Nov 01, 2017

Article ImageMany international companies have put Big Data on the top of their agendas. They find it challenging to handle the growing amount of unstructured data—such as texts, videos and graphic sources.

In the past, it was acceptable when technical documents, user manuals or guidelines met legal requirements for technical information. Today, fast availability of service apps, interactive troubleshooting on the machine or in content delivery portals become unique selling propositions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if users found relevant technical information as easily as shopping online? With content delivery and knowledge models, this can become reality. Content delivery in the field of documentation has increasingly attracted attention over recent years.

But what is content delivery? Content delivery combines different methods to offer users the right information, in the right context, for the right target group. Content delivery portals can be operated as intelligent control centers for information provision to support users like service technicians, call agents, technical writers and customers.

As one of the AI pioneers in Germany, Empolis has developed knowledge management and artificial intelligence technologies for many years. Especially where extremely powerful scalability and the exponentially growing volume of digital information needs managing. We apply innovative AI technologies such as semantic search, big data analytics, case-based reasoning, content delivery, decision trees, in-memory computing, as well as text mining and linguistics.

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