Go Forth and Syndicate: Five Questions to Ask When Getting Started

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Ask More Syndication Questions

If you're considering syndicating your content, here are a few more questions you might want to discuss with a syndication company:

  • Are there opportunities for you to promote your content in partnership with the company (e.g., through co-branding or affiliate programs)?
  • If you want to syndicate audio or video, does the syndicator's technology support those formats?
  • Does the syndicator support real-time distribution?
  • What type of archival rights should the syndicator have?
  • Does the syndicator let you package groups of articles or offer other unique ways of slicing and dicing content?
  • Is it okay for the syndicator to have your content translated into other languages?
  • Is it okay for the syndicator to provide abstracts of your articles?
  • Can the syndicator ensure no one will change your content (by rewriting headlines, for example)?
  • Do you own the appropriate rights to all the content you want to syndicate? (Marianne Howatson at ScreamingMedia noted that many publishers do not own syndication rights to photos in their publications.
  • If necessary, can the syndicator limit distribution of your content? (For example, you might not want it to go to specific organizations or to particular geographic areas.)
  • If you want to syndicate to wireless devices, does the syndicator provide the appropriate technology and services?
  • Can the syndicator help you reach your specific goals?

Of course, before you can answer the last question, you must clearly understand what you want to achieve through syndication. Is your primary goal to generate revenue, increase awareness of your brand, build traffic to your Web site, or something else entirely? Whatever it is, make sure the syndication company you work with can supply suitable support.

URLs of Companies Mentioned

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ScreamingMedia www.screamingmedia.com

YellowBrix www.yellowbrix.com

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