Cognito Ergo Sum

The fight against fake news that is fueled by deep-fake content is a rapidly evolving field with high stakes. We can expect several companies to take a stab at solving this challenge.
- Autumn 2019 Issue, Posted Nov 12, 2019
AI systems are not infallible. Sometimes, errors can seem harmless, but the stakes can be high in scenarios such as hiring, loan grants, policing, and criminal justice.
- Summer 2019 Issue, Posted Aug 27, 2019
Discovery models (such as text search, voice search, visual search, chatbots, natural language search, and faceted search) may overlap in some areas of functionality, but also enhance different use cases and appeal to different types of users.
- Autumn 2018 Issue, Posted Dec 11, 2018
RPA is an imaginative acronym that alludes to robots but the reality is more prosaic. RPA robots are intended to mimic tasks performed by humans on their computers after they are trained or programmed. Training these "bots" involves showing them the steps of a workflow or business process such as opening a website, keying in data and clicking through screens.
- Posted Oct 18, 2018
Global content is at the threshold of a Cambrian explosion—aided by artificial intelligence (AI).
- Summer 2018 Issue, Posted Aug 16, 2018
Content Management is a very broad discipline and encompasses several areas. I find it useful to distinguish between content that helps enhance the customer experience or content that is critical to a business process. Here are the top use cases machine learning use cases for content management.
- Posted Apr 10, 2018
If there is one technology topic that drew a great amount of media attention this year, it is artificial intelligence (AI). Thus far, you can say that only digital technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google—along with a few other early adopters—have tasted success in implementing AI technologies. Here are 10 commandments to finally get you started on your enterprise AI strategy.
It's 2017, and everyone is wrestling with fake news. Given the wide-ranging nature of artificial intelligence (AI) use cases, it is only natural to ask whether machine learning can help us combat fake news. It should be fairly simple to build ourselves a fact-checker, right? After all, software is able to flag spam email or pornographic images with a high degree of accuracy. It turns out that machine learning techniques are useful, but they have their limitations—and we are far away from a fully automated fact-checking tool.
Marketers can be excused if they are facing cognitive dissonance about artificial intelligence (AI). They may be struggling to implement foundational marketing/technology tools, but they are expected to be ready for new AI applications that are way more complex.
- Posted Jun 13, 2017