Case Studies

Ships at sea rely on satellite communication for internet access, as the obvious considerations of distance and mobility make any other kind of connectivity impossible. However, satellite communication is extremely expensive, relatively slow, and unreliable, having a marked effect on ship-to-ship communications. With the increasing use of computers in naval operations, a reliable, fast network between ships became an increasingly attractive option for the Navy.
By - March 2010 Issue, Posted Mar 17, 2010
In the spring of 2009, Anne Zafian, VP, deputy publisher, children's books, says Simon & Schuster found itself with a "bestselling paranormal young adult series, The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare, whose sales we wanted to support and grow into the summer and beyond." More important, Zafian had a specific target audience in mind: "This is a paranormal series with lots of crossover appeal to adults, and we wanted to specifically target that crossover audience and to incrementally build Cassandra's audience."
By - January/February 2010 Issue, Posted Jan 29, 2010
JackBe sought a solution that would help consumers have a good user experience with its new product, which was part of the emerging mashup market segment. The company chose to work with Acquia Drupal to launch a community in order to meet the needs of inquiring customers, as well as to give them a gentle and productive introduction to mashups in general and JackBe's solution in particular.
By - November 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 04, 2009
When the Rhode Island School of Design began populating its website with video content, problems began to arise. The videos were isolated from each other and difficult to manage. It quickly became clear that RISD needed a video platform solution to manage its content, and the school turned to Brightcove for help.
By - October 2009 Issue, Posted Oct 07, 2009
With a confusing content publishing process, CareerOneStop started running into problems keeping multiple webpages up-to-date. In mid-2007, it decided it was time to find a web content management provider that would simplify its content publishing experience and enlisted SDL Tridion to help.
By - September 2009 Issue, Posted Sep 14, 2009
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a partial response to the first artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., NASA currently focuses on four research categories: aeronautics, exploration systems, science, and space operations. Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2008, NASA continues to be a leader in scientific research, declaring its mission "to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research."
By - July/August 2009 Issue, Posted Jul 17, 2009
Founded in 1979, Whitelaw Twining is a Vancouver, Canada-based boutique law corporation. The firm is highly specialized, with about 25 lawyers focused on litigating for customers in the insurance and construction industries. Because of the firm's highly specialized nature, it is fairly large, with about 15,000 open cases.
By - June 2009 Issue, Posted Jun 08, 2009
In 1885, when The Dallas Morning News first started covering the area in and around Dallas, it had a circulation of 5,000. Published by A.H. Belo, a Texas-based publisher, The Dallas Morning News now covers 65 communities in the Dallas area and has a circulation of more than half a million. Not to be left out of the internet loop, it created its web counterpart,, which now logs more than a million views a day, and, a social networking site that focuses on community-generated news.
By - May 2009 Issue, Posted Apr 30, 2009
There were two problems facing St. Joseph Medical Center: The first was an issue with payroll and time management. Second, the Diabetes Management Team was looking for a faster way to monitor and report blood sugar levels in patients. Two different problems needed answers; no one suspected that the problems could be solved using one product.
By - April 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 30, 2009
When Speakaboos began work on a website of storybook videos for "children and their caregivers to enjoy together," research into available commerce solutions revealed that most traditional payment gateways charge costly transaction fees that would undermine the pay per download business model the company envisioned.
By - March 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 05, 2009
For years, Foot Solutions provided information to franchisees via an online collaboration system powered by IFX international. In February 2008, Foot Solutions began to hunt for a new solution and found Fliqz, a "white-label" video provider that strives to eliminate traditional barriers to online video.
By - January/February 2009 Issue, Posted Jan 30, 2009
Allegheny General Hospital, based in Pittsburgh, annually admits up to 31,500 patients and handles roughly 60,000 emergency visits. Founded in 1885, the hospital offers the most advanced care available in a variety of specialty areas, including: cardiology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, emergency medicine, cancer care, and transplant and vascular surgery. Recognized as one of "America's Best Hospitals" by U.S. News & World Report, some sources identify Allegheny General as one of the nation's top hospitals in numerous disciplines such as oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery. With a long-standing commitment to education and research, Allegheny General maintains ongoing, innovative research studies in the neurosciences, oncology, human genetics, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, orthopedics, and
By - November 2008 Issue, Posted Oct 17, 2008
The World Bank Group was founded in 1944 with the goal of helping developing countries across the globe further develop their infrastructures. Through the technical and financial support the organization provides, World Bank assists these countries with funding (through such means as low-interest loans) to help them build stronger programs in areas such as health and education. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., World Bank has about 10,000 employees across the globe with a membership of 185 countries.
By - October 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 25, 2008
Impelsys helped Benchmark Education Co. develop materials that deliver information in a format that would enhance the reading experience, as well as subject matter processing.
By - Sept 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 08, 2008
Upon noticing the high rates of international traffic on its social networking site, the hi5 team decided to offer a plethora of international languages. The company started off by adding German, French, and Spanish, but it soon grew dissatisfied with its translation vendor. In September 2007, hi5 turned to Lionbridge for help.
By - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jul 07, 2008
Every day, the small editorial staff of the B2B publisher Smart Brief is responsible for churning out more than 60 email newsletters. Such an endeavor requires diligence, patience, sound editorial judgment … and a really good text analytics tool. Smart Brief found that tool Lexalytics, which offered a rapid installation time for its products in addition to all of the text analytics essentials.
By - June 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 10, 2008
For nearly 10 years, CoreObjects Software,managed its meetings with follow-up conversations and emails summarizing what took place and identifying next steps. This approach had its limitations: agendas often were known only to the people who called the meetings, making it difficult for other participants to contribute, and it was difficult to track follow-up assignments, among other things. MeetingSense Software Corp. helped CoreObjects streamline its product development process and experience many other benefits as well.
By - May 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 25, 2008
Beyond helping Bowker solve its immediate need for a better search engine, Mark Logic also assisted the company with its long-term goals for a solid content repository that can grow with it.
By - April 2008 Issue, Posted Mar 25, 2008
Attenex provided SQ Global the opportunity to address efficiency, productivity, and quality control measures in just one product. SQ Global primarily used Attenex’s Document Mapper.
By - March 2008 Issue, Posted Mar 04, 2008
MWW Group turned to Socialtext to better manage projects, track news in real time, gather information updates, and ease communications for its own disparate workforce, as well with as clients around the world.
By - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 24, 2008
As the photo-sharing site MyPhotoAlbum began to grow--with its storage needs along with it--the company realized that its ISP was no longer able to keep up with the site's demand. The company decided to move to an in-house storage system from ONStor to increase scalability and to regain a sense of control.
By - November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 16, 2007
One Economy is a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband to the homes of low-income people and provides a multilingual web portal called The Beehive, which connects people with information and services ranging from education and health to employment. To date more than 9 million people have used the Beehive, 20% of whom accessed the content in Spanish, and over 200,000 low-income people have broadband at home through the work of One Economy.
By - October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 05, 2007
In overhauling its content management system—and approach—Siteworx worked with NAFSA to develop a more modern design, a more intuitive navigation system, indexed search functionality, and professional networks for different specialties.
By - September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 31, 2007
MetaPress helps SpringerLink provide a unified interface and one-stop shop for Springer’s massive and diverse content collection.
By - July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 02, 2007
Ektron helps the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General update its website and implement a CMS in order to better facilitate the public-safety needs of the citizens of Pennsylvania.
By - June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
FeedBurner helps gain insights into the uses (and users) of its content and help the site to better monetize its offerings in the process.
By - May 2007 Issue, Posted May 08, 2007
NewsGator Technologies helps Edelman tap the power of social media to enhance its public relations practice.
By - April 2007 Issue, Posted Mar 22, 2007
IBM provided California State University, Long Beach with 200 WebAdapt2Me licenses and server software that integrates it with the campus’s existing web delivery environment.
By - March 2007 Issue, Posted Feb 27, 2007
Latitude Consulting helps the Chrysler Group upgrade its Learning Management System and improve the way it administers dealer certification and training programs to provide better web access, scalability, flexibility, and control.
By - January/February 2007 Issue, Posted Jan 30, 2007
InQuira helps Mentor Graphics improve its already award-winning customer service by helping its customers help themselves.
By - November 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2006
Open Text helps Fluor Hanford integrate its paperwork into a digital workflow by implementing an enterprise content management system.
By - October 2006 Issue, Posted Oct 05, 2006
Traction and help SITA foster collaboration and communication between about 100 of its team members and enable them to create a searchable knowledge base.
By - September 2006 Issue, Posted Sep 15, 2006
SealedMedia helps the German Sports University Cologne develop digital coursework by enabling it to easily digitally collaborate while protecting its valuable assets in the process.
By - July/August 2006 Issue, Posted Jul 18, 2006
RedDot Solutions helps streamline Web content management for NAIB's, which helped it reduce its IT needs and focus more on creating content and delivering a better user experience.
By - June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 08, 2006
Every month, PlayStation 2’s online network draws millions of users from across a wide range of demographics, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Once in the system, users generate their own screen names, input titles for their games, and can communicate with fellow players via text messaging. All this text is potentially visible to the entire online community, creating the need for a way to monitor these lines of text and filter out anything vulgar or that wouldn’t be considered family-friendly. SCEA turned to Teragram for its complex, multi-language filtering needs.
By - May 2006 Issue, Posted May 16, 2006
IBM and Collaborative Learning Network provide the Nechako Lakes School District with a robust educational portal to help it provide adequate educational resources to all of its students, regardless of the size or financial resources of their local schools.
By - April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2006
The New Yorker was interested in providing a complete archive of its magazine to its readers, and was intent on also providing a disc-based product. Through a truly collaborative process with Bondi Digital Publishing and Lizard Tech, The New Yorker produced a beautifully packaged eight-DVD collection that includes a search database, abstracts, issue-by-issue tables of contents, and the cover art for each issue.
By - March 2006 Issue, Posted Mar 03, 2006
The Red Cross' Manatee County Chapter worked with E Solutions to build a site that supports its humanitarian efforts--from providing essential information to volunteer recruiting and training.
By - January/February 2006 Issue, Posted Jan 16, 2006
ClearStory Systems helps SPE find a better way to manage its assets and to compress the time associated with review and approval cycles
By - November 2005 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2005
Vivisimo helps University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System patrons effectively search more than 300 health and biomedical titles in ebook form.
By - October 2005 Issue, Posted Oct 14, 2005
Thomas Technology Solutions helps Northstar Travel Media streamline its production process and unify its systems.
By - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Jul 26, 2005