Industry Insights

Facebook recently announced the newest update to its network, and make no mistake, this is nothing short of a 180 degree shift from its previous position. By completely revamping its Branded Content Policy, Facebook not only opened a door back to influencers who migrated away from the platform following the previous change that limited their reach, but also gave marketers and influencers a clear message about what they need to do in order to flourish on the platform. Along with the policy change, Facebook will be introducing tools for brands and influencers to run successful campaigns together.
- Posted May 06, 2016
Publishers are making the investment in native ads and sponsored content because the engagement metrics show a favorable reader experience. While the signs point to native ads being here to stay, publishers still have a lot of room to improve and optimize the native ad experience before it has long-lasting appeal. One opportunity that publishers can take to enhance their native ad program is by delivering a custom site search experience that helps advertisers reach their target audience while also showing fast and relevant results to readers. Here are three ways to successfully incorporate native ads into your reader's search experience.
- Posted Apr 29, 2016
In today's shifting consumer landscape, emerging technologies and mobile and web applications are rapidly changing the way brands reach their customers. The industry has evolved from a pre-internet world of attracting customers with aesthetically pleasing, well-organized storefronts in the right location, to a whole new strategy. Consumers are now available every second they are looking at a screen. The new, "always-on" user has forced brands to refocus their strategies to cater to the new digital experience age.
- Posted Apr 27, 2016
At a recent Demandbase event, an audience member defined account-based marketing as "marketing... if sales was in charge." As I thought about this statement, it dawned on me just how true it is. Traditionally, marketing's purpose was to generate high-level awareness of a company and its products or services. With aircover by marketing, the thought was that sales could be more effective and close deals faster. Today, with many B2B companies focused on their top thousand or so accounts, marketing is becoming a closer sales ally, able to work in lock-step to drive the accounts to close--all the way from awareness to purchase.
- Posted Apr 20, 2016
The automotive industry has staked a strong claim on innovative marketing tactics--and the proof is in the sales. High consideration purchases like a vehicle often require different strategies than smaller, one-off purchases, but the trends seen in automotive are starting to turn up in other industries. With that in mind, it's important to understand what automotive marketing is doing that's keeping it ahead of the curve (and keeping other industries in a hurry to catch up).
- Posted Apr 15, 2016
At this point, almost everyone has heard that Internet pioneer, Yahoo, is in trouble. The company has allowed itself to become completely distracted by a lot of activities that had little to do with the foundational elements of the company, and has, instead, turned its attention to attempting to unlock shareholder returns relative to its stake in Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. As a result of the shortcomings of its well-intentioned, but poorly executed acquisition strategy, along with some controversial management decisions, the company is now exploring "strategic alternatives" for the "core" of its business. The play it is pursuing now is essentially the only one it has that makes sense to save what remains of what most people know of as Yahoo -- or at least package it for a potential acquirer (a public strategic or private equity buyer).
- Posted Apr 01, 2016