Industry Insights

The automotive industry has staked a strong claim on innovative marketing tactics--and the proof is in the sales. High consideration purchases like a vehicle often require different strategies than smaller, one-off purchases, but the trends seen in automotive are starting to turn up in other industries. With that in mind, it's important to understand what automotive marketing is doing that's keeping it ahead of the curve (and keeping other industries in a hurry to catch up).
- Posted Apr 15, 2016
At this point, almost everyone has heard that Internet pioneer, Yahoo, is in trouble. The company has allowed itself to become completely distracted by a lot of activities that had little to do with the foundational elements of the company, and has, instead, turned its attention to attempting to unlock shareholder returns relative to its stake in Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. As a result of the shortcomings of its well-intentioned, but poorly executed acquisition strategy, along with some controversial management decisions, the company is now exploring "strategic alternatives" for the "core" of its business. The play it is pursuing now is essentially the only one it has that makes sense to save what remains of what most people know of as Yahoo -- or at least package it for a potential acquirer (a public strategic or private equity buyer).
- Posted Apr 01, 2016