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In all the talk about findability, a constant theme is augmenting a sites search engine by adding synonym rings, taxonomies, and maybe even thesauri--so a search for one keyword can find a lot of related topics (or subjects or concepts) on your Web site.
- Posted Jul 08, 2005
Open access is an initiative to distribute content over the Web at no charge to the reader. It is not an attack on copyrights, nor does it imply that no money is to be made on the content. Innovative business models suggest that sales of physical items like books and technical reports might actually improve if the content is freely available for browsing and searching on the Web--with some important caveats.
- June 2005 Issue, Posted Jun 21, 2005
To paraphrase Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver: "We all gotta get organizized." Otherwise, how will our Web site team know where to put all our content?
- Posted Jun 07, 2005
In the age of the intelligent search engine, the importance of metadata is called into question. It seems that Google can find everything we need by sending its robots to crawl around inside all of our documents. Why bother with the hard work of categorizing, classifying, and tagging each document with metadata that’s stored outside the document in a database, or worse, buried in XML/RDF tag attributes in a stored version of the document that is rarely served as is, so the expensive metadata is never seen by today’s search engines?
- Posted May 03, 2005
As content management systems add functionality to serve the enterprise, one of the more important capabilities is digital rights management (DRM). For Web publishers with large content databases, how and whether they restrict access may be a life-or-death decision. If a company charges for content, its revenue stream is threatened by anyone duplicating its information.
- April 2005 Issue, Posted Apr 20, 2005
Do you get "sticker shock" when you see some of the three- and four-figure prices on analyst reports and some of the new books on content management? Well, I have bought some of them and now that I’m a columnist I’ve gotten more for review, so I will try to tell you whether they’re worth it.
- Posted Apr 05, 2005
What are we to think when so many products are being marketed these days as a CMS? For starters, content management seems to have won the day over many management software paradigms in the last decade or so. Companies that once did document management, knowledge management, information management, or--dare we remember--data management, all herald their products today as content management software. But what are we to make of the small specialized systems, fine tuned to organize content in very specialized ways, with intriguing new names like weblogs or “blogs,” wikis, news aggregators, news portals, and forums?
- Posted Mar 01, 2005
Sharing best practice knowledge is one of the stated goals of a “community of practice,” an increasingly used content industry buzz phrase. McKinsey & Co. defines a community of practice as “a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge.” But even if a small community agrees on a particular best practice, where is the motivation for them to share their knowledge with one another and the wider industry?
- January/February 2005 Issue, Posted Feb 24, 2005
So you have finally settled on a content management strategy. Now what? Unfortunately, resources for the CM Pro are not abundant, especially those that will actually help you put strategies into action. While some of these that I've collected here would benefit from community feedback, I offer some knowledge resources intended to help you and your organization get the most out of that hard-wrought content management strategy.
- Posted Nov 02, 2004
In February 2004 several CM experts were invited to present a one-day workshop on CM for Information Architects at the IA Summit sponsored by AIfIA and ASIS&T in Austin, TX. The CM professional in attendance were quite envious of AIfIA (the Asilomar Institute of Information Architecture, an international community of practice created by Lou Rosenfeld, Christina Wodtke, and other IA luminaries. So we asked Rosenfeld and Peter Morville to help us create a similar community for CM.
- Posted Oct 05, 2004
Here are 15 suggested steps to research enterprise CMS options. Some are expensive and some require plenty of reading and study so, while you may not have the budget, time, or inclination to complete them, you should know what you skipped. If you are part of a large organization that hires consultants to complete some or all of these steps, insist that they document how they covered each step and return the results to you.
- Posted Sep 07, 2004
A triple-barreled question facing many enterprises today is whether to use an application-building tool or "framework" to build a content management system (CMS); to buy one of the many out-of-the-box finished products in use by major Web sites; or to simply rent a CMS from an application service provider (ASP) and avoid the headache of running an application server in the enterprise’s data center.
- Posted Aug 03, 2004
Content management, especially popularized as Web content management, is nearing its tenth anniversary. More and more CMS vendors are converging on a basic set of features that characterize a content management system. So I spoke to a number of vendors to see who claims priority for their original contributions to the basic toolset.
- Posted Jul 06, 2004
Facets may help solve the thorniest problem of digital publishing today: How to help users find their way around your documents. Whether it's Web content, document management, or a sophisticated knowledge management application, visitors want more than a good search engine to get around. I Column Like I CM, commentary on tools and best practices for CM pros written by Bob Doyle of cmsreview.com, debuts in today's ECXtra and will generally appear on the first Tuesday of each month. Look forward to thoughts, advice, and anecdotes from someone who has spent 20 years in the trenches and continues to explore the ins and outs of content management!
- Posted Jun 08, 2004