Faces of Econtent

"Business people crave a little humor now and then."
By - September 2005 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2005
“We help publishers by identifying problems and solutions.”
By - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Jul 29, 2005
“When we know what’s going on internally, we can compare that to what’s going on in the outside world, and we look for bridges between different technologies.”
By - June 2005 Issue, Posted Jun 15, 2005
“Librarians: they’re smart, they’re organized, and a little subversive, which is cool.”
By - May 2005 Issue, Posted May 05, 2005
“I look at how we can improve the process—and the information is the lifeblood of the process.”
By - April 2005 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2005
"Information is the lifeblood of strategic sourcing work."
By - March 2005 Issue, Posted Mar 24, 2005
"The system is always evolving rather than a slice in time."
By - November 2004 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2004
"I'm a part of everybody's team because I can spread information."
By - October 2004 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2004
"Not eeryone can look at a press rlease and, within seconds, find the really important news buried in it."
By - September 2004 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2004
"I'm upping thr skill quotient of our end users."
By - July/August 2004 Issue, Posted Aug 09, 2004
"The amount of information that has been created just in the last two years is more than in all of human history before."
By - June 2004 Issue, Posted Jun 02, 2004
"I understand how to use technology in interesting ways to drive business forward."
By - May 2004 Issue, Posted May 01, 2004
"No matter how the industry changes over time, it always comes down to what business problem a product can solve.
By - April 2004 Issue, Posted Apr 19, 2004
"It's not just about giving them just something, it's about the right content."
By - March 2004 Issue, Posted Mar 08, 2004
"it has been amazing to me how radically the Internet has changed Presidential politics."
"The customer database itself becomes valuable and will define new business models."
By - November 2003 Issue, Posted Nov 17, 2003
"I spend a lot of time serving as a link between EPA staff and the commercial vendors."
By - October 2003 Issue, Posted Oct 20, 2003
"I can apply my great mix of business and intellectual property experience to help customers."