Agile Minds

Empowered customers—demanding to access or create content tailored to their needs and delivered on their own terms—have turned up the heat on technology and content companies alike, pushing them to bring greater innovation to market. But there’s a catch.
- November 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2006
Overwhelmed by the choice of web and mobile content—ranging from news services to video clips—users increasingly gravitate to services that are designed from the ground up to give them content before they ask for it.
- September 2006 Issue, Posted Sep 12, 2006
With an avalanche of mobile content coming online this year, subscribers can’t say they don’t have choices. They can complain about the tedious navigation process and confusing hierarchical menus they must endure to find and buy content, however. Navigation on mobile devices is particularly cumbersome, and most usability research suggests that users give up after 12 clicks or 30 seconds. Little wonder the industry is so excited about mobile search—thought by many to be a silver-bullet solution that will allow companies to present content within an acceptable click-distance and make that all-important sale.
- June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2006
Mobile technologies are becoming embedded, ubiquitous, and networked—paving the way for an always-on and always-aware society. The enhanced capabilities mobile technologies offer for rich social interaction could totally transform how we work, learn, and live. Yet most content providers remain unimpressed. They focus on delivering a few wireless-enabled enterprise applications with a preponderance of predictable mainstream mobile content like ringtones, wallpapers, and logos, which by definition often appeals to the lowest common denominator. Mobile content can—and must be—much more
- April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2006
In essence, we can create, access, and share what we want, when and how we want it. Increasingly, we are taking charge of our content experiences. The content creation and distribution landscape will never be the same. While this newfound freedom of self-expression is both liberating and invigorating, we’re only beginning to understand what we can achieve when we use technology to create a network of ourselves.