Today, we find ourselves adrift in a sea of information. There's information all around us—on our hard drives, our organizations' databases, the Internet, printed documents, commercial publications, emails, subscription-based services—yet we're frustrated when trying to locate and use it.
- June 2002 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2002
With ad revenues flying south for the recession—where they join the still-vacationing venture capital dollars—publishers have had no choice but to make the one-time pipe dreams of fee-based revenue strategies into a business reality. In the last six months alone, major brands have rolled out premium services. Meanwhile, sites with existing premium areas have radically refocused their efforts behind the sub-wall. Conventional wisdom, always fickle under the best of circumstances, has shifted suddenly, and new strategies have emerged.
- February 2002 Issue, Posted Feb 01, 2002
Like a relay runner left without a teammate to hand the baton, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee began a furious search for a technology partner to replace both Quokka and Logictier as the clock continued to count down. After holding preliminary talks with a number of high-profile prospects, viable options were beginning to dwindle. Finally, in June, just seven months before the games were to begin, SLOC struck a deal with Microsoft/MSNBC to host and produce the official sites for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.
- February 2002 Issue, Posted Feb 01, 2002
Content management is the strategic application of technology, content, and people resources to leverage business processes and create competitive advantage.
When E*Trade launched its online community in the summer of 1998, it found itself in uncharted waters. No financial brokerage had ever given voice to its customers in such a public forum. The risks were great, but E*Trade wanted to strengthen the notion that financial matters are integrated into our lives: We share experiences, offer advice, commiserate, speculate. Despite the risks (e.g., liability issues, potential for censorship, and the complex rules governing corporate financial information), E*Trade's online community began as a general set of discussions on topics like retirement planning, Internet stocks, and mutual funds.
- September 2001 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2001