In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln expressed the hope that he envisioned for our government: "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." As the citizenry grows accustomed to immediate access to global information via smartphones, social media apps, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, videos, and streaming media, it has been difficult for bureaucrats to assimilate. At least one company has been keeping tabs on the situation, though.
By - May 2011 Issue, Posted May 18, 2011
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that picture must also be worth some serious bucks, right? As the print media industry continues to face financial struggle, some publishers are turning to those valuable photo collections to support the news business. In an effort to produce an alternate stream of revenue, The Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune have already begun digitally archiving and selling photo collections online. More recently, The Philadelphia Tribune announced that it too is hoping to start converting pictures into profit.
By - Posted May 17, 2011
Discovery has never been a simple process for organizations, even in the "old days" when discovery generally entailed gathering piles of documents into large boxes and wading through them by hand. Information long ago evolved from print documents to electronic formats, which has created challenges and opportunities.
By - May 2011 Issue, Posted May 11, 2011
With a demonstration at EMC World-held May 9-12 in Las Vegas-Index Engines released a new platform, the Index Engines Collection Engine, augmenting search procedures for the acceleration of back up processes and the extraction of files in a corporate environment. Collection Engine expends the full use of Data Domain, a back up platform from EMC used to sift through archived data, extracted content, and support litigation compliance.
By - Posted May 10, 2011
WikiLeaks has raised a lot of questions, most of which have nothing to do with the stolen documents the organization leaked to the world. Julian Assange and his whistle-blowing organization have made many people question the notion of the press and wonder what implications these kinds of organizations have for businesses with confidential information. All these questions have spurred the American government to act.
By - May 2011 Issue, Posted May 04, 2011
To be successful, business leaders must understand data and use it to make solid business decisions. Business analytics provides that necessary insight. To ensure that future business leaders are proficient in analytics, IBM and the Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights last week announced a collaboration that will help MBA students acquire the management analytics skills they will need in the workforce.
By - Posted May 03, 2011
LYRASIS, a regional non-profit membership organization for libraries, was recently awarded a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund the startup of LYRASIS Technology Services (LTS), a new program that supports the adoption and use of open source software and systems in libraries.
Posted May 03, 2011
The task of shopping for the right e-reader might seem daunting with so many options on the market. Even choosing between the big players like the Nook, Kindle, iPad, Kobo, and Sony can seem impossible, but the selection is far wider than that. There are a number of e-reader options other than the major brands, and some of them have features that differentiate them from the more popular models.
By - Posted Apr 26, 2011
While data loss may cause some to think about hackers or internal theft, for many organizations negligence, and internal misunderstandings are more likely the culprit. In 41% of the cases, according to the Ponemon Institute's annual study of data costs this year, accidents were the culprit behind data breaches. The real problems for companies come from either not having an information security policy in place, or employees who don't know or understand what that policy is.
By - Posted Apr 21, 2011
The content strategies of old media outlets are getting a complete overhaul: undergoing a little nip here and a tuck thereto meet users' expectations for instantaneous, scalable delivery to the devices and platforms of their choosing while stillproviding content worth viewing. Some companies find themselves stuck between old and new media silos, but according to Ron Miller, a freelance journalist covering the technology and media industries, the real solution lies in picking the best from both worlds--thoughtfully adapted content that provides additional context through new media devices and applications to create an innovative user experience.
By - April 2011 Issue, Posted Apr 13, 2011
As social media becomes an increasingly pivotal part of everyday communication, overloaded email inboxes are starting to get a reputation as the old, rundown toy on the throwaway pile along with VHS tapes and beepers. Despite appearances to the contrary, email inboxes are not dying, they are growing. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 11.4 trillion person-to-person email messages were sent in 2009, and 12.9 trillion are expected to be sent in 2014.
By - Posted Apr 12, 2011
Everyone in the content business knows that mobile use is on the rise, and many content providers are rushing to move their content to applications. Earlier this year, Apple announced the 10 billionth download in the App Store, and the 2-year-old Android Market already offers more than 100,000 apps for download.
By - April 2011 Issue, Posted Apr 11, 2011
In the past few years, social media has taken the marketing world by storm. The use of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as advertising tools is transforming the way some companies do business and opening up new horizons in direct marketing, lead generation, and promotion. Social media, however, can also be a tricky business, with social media ROI being difficult to gauge and tie into other more traditional marketing efforts.
By - Posted Mar 30, 2011
Last spring, Google found itself on the receiving end of a fair amount of consternation from the technology press, privacy advocates, and several European countries. German officials accused the search giant of using its ubiquitous Street View cars to do more than merely snap those unsettling panoramic shots of your house and neighborhood. Those official Google vehicles were also collecting "samples of payload data from WiFi networks," Google admitted in April on its official blog, in response to the accusation.
By - April 2011 Issue, Posted Mar 28, 2011
People often take for granted the notion that content comes bundled with an inherent value. It's an easy mistake to make, especially with so much digital content available instantly with a price tag helpfully affixed for immediate purchase and consumption. All content experiences are not created equal, however, and that experience can make a world of difference in how valuable content is for a user. Even excellent content can be dragged down by a poor user experience that prevents users from easily finding and engaging with the content they need. With user expectations rising steadily, that failure to engage can translate into poor site ROI and even a major impact on a company's brand.
By - April 2011 Issue, Posted Mar 25, 2011
Collaborative software is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for companies across all industries, increasing communication speed, and enterprise efficiency. With a wide variety of tools to choose from, businesses often look for a solution that is as tailor-made and industry-specific as possible. Central Desktop, a Pasadena-based provider of collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, took note of this trend and created Common Ground—a new collaboration solution geared specifically toward creative marketing agencies—debuting on Tuesday, March 22.
By - Posted Mar 22, 2011
Content migration can mean many different things to different organizations. Yet regardless of the origin of the content and where it's moving from and to, there's no disputing the fact that most organizations have a lot of content. And as their business plans and processes evolve, a migration of that content into a new system is often a necessity.
By - March 2011 Issue, Posted Mar 17, 2011
If you talk to "those in the know" in the technology world, they'll tell you that HTML5 is really nothing new. In fact, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community that "develops standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web," created its working draft of the "HTML5 Publication Notes" back in June 2008. While some of the new features afforded by HTML5 have already been incorporated into various webpages and applications, it's the iPad that made HTML go mainstream.
By - March 2011 Issue, Posted Mar 10, 2011
Virtual application platform provider GigaSpace Technologies is launching an updated version of its cloud-enabled application platform, aiming to give enterprises and independent software vendors a way to harness the e-commerce capabilities of public, private and hybrid clouds with a more flexible, silo-free architecture specifically targeting business technology needs.
By - Posted Mar 08, 2011
MadCap Software, a multi-channel content authoring and showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft XPS, released MadCap Flare 7.0, its latest version of content authoring software, on February 28. Making strides to conquer the limitations of print-only authoring software, MadCap Flare 7.0 condenses mobile, web, and print features into what marketing manager Michael Hamilton refers to as a "one XML environment." With this new version emerging, MadCap is eliminating Blaze, the XML-based alternative to Adobe FrameMaker for long print documents.
By - Posted Mar 01, 2011
As far as trends go, this one is easy to call: Over time, more consumers will break away from traditional broadcast channels of television and radio in favor of alternative video viewing platforms such as internet-connect televisions, set-top boxes, and video on demand. At the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, manufacturers of web-connected television technologies were showing off new devices that will enable consumers to stream content directly from the web to their television screens.
By - March 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 28, 2011
By now, as the saying goes, "there's an app for that," no matter what "that" might be. Although these on-the-go applications might have captured the imagination of an increasing number of U.S. mobile users, digital content creators are now looking to redefine, fortify, and even replace the app with more comprehensive mobile content delivery strategies that pack in additional relevance, context, real-time information, and functionality, without needing to rely on one OS or handset.
By - March 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 23, 2011
As a mathematical genius in A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe used analytics to assist the government in breaking Soviet codes. While it may not be as exciting as top-secret informant assignments, the analytics industry is expected to take on a lead role in 2011 as businesses embrace its capabilities. The IDC says it expects the global market for analytics software to grow from $25.5 billion in 2010 to $34 billion by the end of 2014.
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 21, 2011
In October, The Wall Street Journal reported that several popular Facebook applications had been transmitting users' personal identifying information to literally dozens of advertising and internet tracking companies. While Facebook maintains that there is "no evidence that any personal information was misused or even collected as a result of this issue," not all observers have been appeased.
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 17, 2011
At the very time that library budgets were being slashed, demand for the services provided by these institutions was increasing in the communities they served. Libraries have had to reprioritize and get creative with budgets. A new study called "Funding and Priorities: The Library Resource Guide Benchmark Study On 2011 Library Spending Plans" takes a look at how these pressures are manifesting in all types of libraries across the country. Produced by the Library Resource Guide (LRG) in conjunction with Unisphere Research, the market research division of Information Today, Inc (ITI), research was conducted in October and November 2010 among libraries listed in ITI's American Library Directory.
By - Posted Feb 15, 2011
2010 was a landmark year for the ebook industry. In July, Amazon announced that it was doing more trade in ebooks than in hardcovers, selling 143 digital editions for every 100 hardcovers sold. Then, in October, the Association of American Publishers and the International Digital Publishing Forum released figures showing a 250% increase between 3Q 2010 and the same time period the previous year.
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 14, 2011
In recent months the content industry has seen a big push toward hyperlocal news. Companies like AOL and Gannett have made serving local markets a big part of the companies' individual content strategies. Examiner.com-a site dedicated to providing users with local information, news, and discussions-has been at the forefront of the local content farm movement. On February 9, Examiner announced a partnership with LivingSocial to take it one step further and provide its readers with local "daily deal" discounts.
By - Posted Feb 10, 2011
Every once in awhile a story comes along that allows us to see how the wonders of modern technology can help us better understand and preseve our past. One such story hit the wire back in December when Gale, a part of Cengage Learning and McMaster University announced an agreement that allowed Gale to digitize McMaster University's collection of materials related to the Holocaust, propaganda, and the Jewish underground resistance movement during World War II.
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 07, 2011
Consider the value if you could learn about the world around you based on where you are using the GPS capability in your smartphone. Imagine for a minute holding up your phone and having relevant content delivered to you based on your physical location at any given moment. There are complex and useful applications of the location dynamic beyond simply communicating "I'm here."
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 03, 2011
One of the biggest problems with advanced software isn't with the technology at all - it's the human element. As systems and services become more complex, they also become harder to use and harder to customize. An agile software platform becomes considerably less agile when every tweak, upgrade, and change requires the intervention of the IT department or other specialized technical professionals. CoreMedia is looking to solve this common conundrum for those in the content management sphere with its CoreMedia 6 content management platform and the new CoreMedia Studio feature, released on Jan. 26.
By - Posted Jan 27, 2011
Next week, on Jan. 25-26, people will gather at the SIIA Information Industry Summit at Cipriani, on New York's City's 42nd Street, along with the 26th Annual CODiE Awards. For the fifth year in a row, the conference will include presentations from eight "Preview" companies, which include Confab Circuit, Panjiva, RapidBuyr, REonomy, SYNQWARE, Transparensee Systems, Verisma Systems, Inc., and VisibleGains.
By - Posted Jan 18, 2011
In a culture filled with tweets, apps, and high-resolution video, when users need technical information and online help, they no longer just want it delivered fast; they want it delivered in the most engaging and exciting way possible. Bullet-point lists and 2D slides do not cut it anymore. The way we consume content is shifting, and at Adobe, those working with technical communication services are ready for the change. Targeting technical communicators, Adobe released version three of its Technical Communication Suite, on Jan. 11, an authoring and publishing toolkit for technical information and training material.
By - Posted Jan 11, 2011
All eyes are on Las Vegas this week as the shiny, new tech toys for 2011 are being unveiled at International CES, held January 6-9. One company launching its products at the show is Live Editions, which provides a range of professional digital publishing products and services that let publishers and information-intensive organizations publish rich, interactive multimedia ebooks or "live editions." The company debuted its products at the Lunch at Piero's media event January 6 and 7."Our solutions enable our clients to repurpose their content by automatically transforming documents into interactive enhanced ePubs, creating new revenue opportunities and leverage their existing content assets," says co-founder Eric Kmiec.
By - Posted Jan 06, 2011
For many companies, standalone email is no longer adequate for workplace communication. As workers grow accustomed to using more real-time social tools in their personal lives, companies are turning to technology providers like Saba to help transform the workplace. The company says it will officially announce the newest version of its social media tool, Saba Live, now with connectors to Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook later this week.
By - Posted Dec 07, 2010
While attendees are far ranging in origins, interests, and expertise, Luddites were not well represented at the Enterprise Search Summit. In fact, it seemed as if every other attendee is a card-carrying technophile, clutching the latest gizmo or gadget (or several at once) and deftly splitting their attention between the real world and whatever digital goings-on are otherwise occupying their minds.
By - Posted Nov 22, 2010
The EContent team suggests some sites, projects, and resources that, while outside the scope of the EContent 100 list, are well-worth a closer look.
By - December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
Welcome to the tenth annual EContent 100—our list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
Our list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
Learn more about the 2010-2011 EContent 100 Judging Team.
December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
Publishers of all types have been scrambling to stay ahead of-and in some cases, just keep up with-emerging digital content technologies and to position themselves as leaders in the changing content market. Now publishers are turning the page on a new chapter - most likely of an ebook - at least according to The Gilbane Group. A division of Outsell, Inc., Gilbane released its report "A Blueprint for Book Publishing Transformation: Seven Essential Processes to Re-Invent Publishing" on November 2.
By - Posted Nov 16, 2010
It is the very breadth, depth, and possibility inherent in semantic technology that can prevent content companies from experimenting with a technology that may be one of the most useful commercial innovations of the past decade. The murkiness of the word itself—not to mention the standards, acronyms, and jargon that can dominate the discussion of semantics—only adds to the confusion.
By - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 12, 2010
The internet is bursting at the seams with video. While sites such as YouTube are jampacked with user-generated video content, other sites are serving up professionally made web series along with brand-based video advertising and other sponsored content. But with consumers' attention spans already stretched to the breaking point, the real question has become how to turn this mismatched mountain of video into concrete revenue and effective advertising.
By - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 10, 2010
The Madison Avenue of the Mad Men era is long gone. Gone are the days of Don Draper and the simple, catchy jingles of yesteryear. Advertising is a much more complicated business these days, with savvy customers, multi-channel campaigns, and global markets.
By - Posted Nov 09, 2010
Regardless of where they work and who they are, all employees have valuable knowledge to give and receive. That knowledge is perhaps one of the most important assets an organization can possess. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of that knowledge, and how leveraging collaborative tools integrated with knowledge capture can not only streamline complex business processes but also provide valuable insight organizations can use today and tomorrow.
By - Posted Nov 09, 2010
It's happened to you plenty of times. You're standing in the checkout line at the grocery story, half-heartedly gazing at all the vacuous gossip magazine covers that proclaim the latest reality show stars' divorces or the most recent travails of that Hollywood celebutante who seems to be in constant transit between rehab and jail, when you think longingly to yourself, "If only I had access to the latest issue of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter right now."
By - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 03, 2010
Sometimes it can be easy to forget just how broad the term "publishers" can be, but attending the MarkLogic Digital Publishing Summit 2010 on October 28 was a great reminder. Publishers come in all shapes and sizes: From book publishers to legal publishers to app builders, publishing is a diverse, if sometimes floundering, industry.
By - Posted Nov 02, 2010
Social search is still so new, it can sometimes be hard to get experts to agree on what it is or, more importantly, what it has the potential to be. As even major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! offer social search results and new specialized tools pop up, the face of search may just be changing forever.
By - November 2010 Issue, Posted Oct 27, 2010
At the Adobe MAX developer conference yesterday, Adobe announced the release of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5. The new version of LiveCycle is designed to increase the number of features and capabilities available to end users, particularly mobile users, and to streamline the use of information within a company or organization.
By - Posted Oct 26, 2010
The volumes of information now at the fingertips of companies and enterprises present unique challenges, not only in terms of understanding but also preservation, indexing, and security. One of the companies helping the enterprise meet these challenges is MarkLogic. The company has apparently had a very productive year so far, with its number of customers now topping 200. And with the 4.2 release of their MarkLogic Server platform on October 19, the company is showing that it hasn't forgotten about the fundamentals.
Posted Oct 18, 2010
For almost as long as there have been books, there have been authors trying to get their manuscripts in front of an acquisitions editor. Today, there are many roads that can lead writers to professional publication. While the destination is often the same, new routes are emerging all the time.
By - October 2010 Issue, Posted Oct 13, 2010